Better Ways to Throw Away a Quarter of a Million Dollars

January 23, 2013


Last night, I planned to give a statement before the city council concerning the continued outlay of money for police consulting–250k after an initial 100k in less than 6 months for consultant Wasserman and now his new crony Bratton. My goal was to demonstrate just how much good a piddling amount–in the world of city […]

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Archive of My Occupy Oakland Writing

January 16, 2013


When I became immersed in writing and reporting about Occupy Oakland, I told myself that I would give myself 3 months of full throttle involvement, to really carve out a detailed and granular narrative of what I was seeing. Given the sacrifices in health and finance that I was making for those three months, I […]

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Mordor, Orcs, Pigs and Capitalism

October 25, 2012


 Its been a long painful and hopeful year for activists around the country. The Occupy Movement that began in New York was a bright light in an otherwise dreary and demoralizing decade of failures of activism and direct action. What began as unprecedented demonstrations that aggregated tens of thousands to what had once been manifestations […]

Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez Update: Occupy Tactics Meet Community Organizing in the Murder Dubs: Updated

August 27, 2012


Whatever happens in the coming days and weeks of the Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez, the action has so far brought together an unprecedented union of local activism with Occupy tactics and community organizing. Though bottomliners began with humble expectations—filling the library with books, dropping the banner, inspiring communities to oppose austerity by taking issues into […]

Update on the People’s Library in Fruitvale

August 16, 2012


On Monday morning, in the first recent action of its kind, anti-austerity, Occupy activists and radical librarians converged on a newly opened derelict building in the Fruitvale district and began to stock it with books. The building at 15th and Miller Avenue had been a library for over six decades, then an alternative continuation school […]

An Argument for Unsound Acts and Unrealistic Expectations: The Lakeview School Occupation’s End Run Around Conventional Wisdom

July 18, 2012


On June 15, an Oakland coalition of educators, parents and activists moved forward with a plan to occupy a recently closed elementary school as a protest against a recent wave of closures. They had little chance of lasting the night; their funds were non existent, they lacked active public support and had few bodies. Against […]

Otherwise Occupied, but lots more soon…

June 20, 2012


Otherwise Occupied, but lots more soon...

The lakeviewsitin is beginning to seem like a game-changer, and I'm uncautiously over-archingly and somewhat deliriously excited about the implications and possibilities. After the Occupy the Tract action, I wrote about the synergistic possibilities of Occupy movements and their societal and ideological building-blocks moving to ephemeral issue-driven actions, uniting with community groups to create new actions with unprecedented popular power. Take a read, I think I managed to capture the possible--and now actualized--way forward quite well. As for the lakeviewsitin, I'd rather wait for a more appropriate vantage point to write about it, so stay tuned. 

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