Kerry: Please Hate Him

Posted on May 30, 2004


IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE OUT THERE WHO HATES KERRY AS MUCH AS THEY HATE BUSH! This guy voted for the Freakin’ Iraq War, for Christ’s Sake and his future plans for the occupation are a virtual cribbing of the BUSH CABAL plan. Not forgetting to mention, the guy’s a mealy-mouthed pig in that particularly reprehensible White Demo way; condescending to the Urban poor and disenfranchised one day, sucking up to Southern war-mongering neo-fascists the next, then a quick change to dockers and a hard hat for copious amounts of mid-west union ass kissing. At least I know Bush hates me! Kerry, thanks to good planning, is married to condiment heiresss Teresa Heinz; together, they are nearly billionaires, last year she made 5 mil just from the interest on her Ketchup money.

It doesn’t help that Kerry looks like Frankenstein’s kid brother and sounds like Stephen Hawking’s voice synthesizer. But really, how can you trust a guy’s foreign policy chops when he supports the most infamous apartheid state in the world, Israel. Here Kerry throws down blow for blow with Bush, supporting Sharon’s cynical Gaza separation plan, the Israeli contention that it has no viable partner in peace, the unjust and illegal US road map, and the unjustifiable apartheid land grab Israel calls its security fence. Kerry’s only criticism of Bush’s Israel-Palestine policy – he hasn’t been involved enough!!! Yeah, this guy’s really gonna do the right thing in Iraq.

Under such circumstances, I am more than happy to throw my vote away on Nader; its not worth the paper (or touch screen) it’s written on anyway. ‘Nuff said.

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