Posted on January 14, 2005


John F. Kerry: Spreading Election Fraud One Nation at a Time…
Nothing, it seems, could have kept John F. Kerry away from taking a stand with fellow Democrats against the Bush team’s obvious election shennanigans last week. Oh, except observing a sham election in Palestine, perhaps with the objective of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that anyone who could have possibly had faith in his candidacy was a schmuck. While more principled senators provided the necessary support for a congressional contest of the Ohio election, Kerry was in Israel, nominally as a Palestinian election observer, mostly as an Israeli propaganda device. Like fellow electoral observer and Dem, Jimmy Carter, Kerry failed to notice that the election took place under military occupation which created copious barriers to candidates not named Abbas and contributed to strikingly low turnout (less than 50% of elegible voters), which apparently, was covered up by last minute voting elegibility changes. 46 electoral officials later resigned claiming that they were forced to let anyone vote regardless of registration–this could mean that many could have voted multiple times. Said Kerry of fledgeling Palestinian democracy: “The security of Israel is the paramount concern”.

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