Posted on January 14, 2005


Specialist Charles Graner: Finally, an order I can follow…

War crimes will be prosecuted. War criminals will be punished.

And it will be no defense to say ‘I was just following orders.’

These were George W.’s words on the eve of the Iraqi invasion

but somehow I don’t think he was talking about Abu Ghraib

alumni like Charles Graner. While Graner claims he was “just

following orders”, noone will admit having given such orders,

so W.’s reasoning is sound, if considered upside down and in

reverse, as is usually the case. Not that such a defense would help

this undisciplined sap anyway. A commanding officer testified

that Graner was quite fond of ignoring orders that were not his

cup of tea. He disregarded commands to cut his hair, wear his

uniform correctly and cease trying to impregnate fellow S/M

afficionado, Lynndie England. But orders to torture?

No problem, dude (I mean sir).

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