Posted on January 23, 2005


Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! (chorus)

Many have kicked the storied word when it was down—the founding fathers, Ronald Reagan, Merle Haggard—but none so hard as this born-again goosestepper. Bush mentioned the word freedom 27 times in his 20 minute inaugural speech, apparently unaware that his previous wearing-out of the term as a shorthand for describing invasion and occupation had already greatly reduced it’s selling power. Just for the purposes of perpective, George Michael, in his 1990 hit, Freedom! only used it 15 times–and that’s including the funky motown chorus! Interestingly, that song included salient advice that the President has freely embraced “All you have to do, is take these lies and make them truths (yeah, yeah)”. So convincing was W. in his inaugural homage to freedom that Bush Sr. had to reassure the international community, in a special press conference two days later, that his son did not intend to conquer the earth.
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