A-Holes in the News 10/10/05

Posted on October 12, 2005


Ron Dellums, Honorary A-Hole
I don’t usually put lefties on the A-Hole list but,
hey, buddy, do you mind taking this mayor shit
seriously? I know its only Oakland, and all, but
come on now. Dellums recently responded to a
request from the 8 thousand white people who
live in Oakland to run for mayor and didn’t bother
to put any time into thinking about the idea until
he got on the podium of the event they sponsored
for him. Dellums then riffed on what his
mayorship would look like, apparently never having
considered the idea seriously until he hit the buffet
table a few minutes earlier. Sure, he’s progressive,
but the guy hasn’t lived in Oakland, or even
California in a decade. Maybe God will put the words
and thoughts in his head come debate time, like J.C.
But honestly, is the idea of a Latino mayor in Oakland
that horrifying? Are there no other progressives
in the East Bay, California or even Nevada? Couldn’t
they at least find somebody who wanted the freakin job?

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