Just Thinking Out Loud Here…

Posted on September 5, 2007


But Senator Larry Craig’s squirrely attempts for a do-over in both his guilty plea for disorderly conduct and his “intent” to resign at the end of the month got me thinking.

First: Apparently Craig plans to argue that the Ethics Committee case against him would be the first such investigation for a misdemeanor (Craig’s lawyer likens it to a traffic ticket). That got me thinking and I did a little quick search on what Craig was doing in Minneapolis at that time. It seems to me that it could be argued that Craig was working in his capacity as representative at the time, and would place his disorderly conduct in a men’s bathroom on the public dime–don’t know if that makes any difference, but its sure not the way I want my representatives spending their work hours. In any case, there seems to be nothing the Ethics Committee could do, even if they censured him. I just can’t see what Craig hopes to gain here besides getting what they used to say about a coward dying a 1,000 times, over the next year until elections in 2008. If he were to get the not guilty plea over turned–and I’ve heard some talk that its not as impossible as it might seem–he’ll still have to stand trial for the original charge, not the plea that he was offered. I can’t imagine that being on trial for soliciting sex in a bathroom will do wonders for his career or legacy.

Second: In my search, I happened upon a lot of info that names the Minneapolis Airport as a hub for travel to and from DC, viz layovers, etc…which piqued my interest. I’ll admit math isn’t my strong suit, but:

a) Minneapolis Airport is a Washington DC layover hub + b) Minneapolis Airport is a male pick up spot with nation-wide notoriety = c) Don’t be Surprised if Larry Craig isn’t the last public servant outed from activity there…

…Just Saying…

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