In the New York Times Today

Posted on October 9, 2007


There’s a couple of interesting articles in the New York Times today. Interesting because they highlight the piss-poor reporting conducted by our media of record on the issue of the Iraq war.

Busying itself with press release journalism, papers like the NYT have for years ignored the murder of Iraqi civilians by American forces, including private security contractors. Is it just a coincidence that during this whole Blackwater mess, another security company should murder more Iraqi civilians, as detailed in this article. Or is it just that these incidents are happening with regularity and have been ignored until the Blackwater issue made them sexy?

And here, it seems, that Turkey has been having some kind of problem with the Free Kurdish client state in Northern Iraq, set up and backed by the US almost as a country of its own. Apparently Kurdish forces have been staging attacks in Kurd-oppressing Turkey from the rather comfy and well-stocked base in Iraq, with funding no doubt from the oil contracts set up for them by Bush cronies. Oh, you didn’t know that our great Democratic ally Turkey oppressed their Kurdish minority just a few miles across the border? I suppose if mainstreasm media reported any of this with any frequency, even the dimmest hillbilly could figure out that this whole thing makes no sense. Oh, well, i guess the answer is to bomb Iran.

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