The Good Old Days

Posted on October 9, 2007


With Fox News celebrating its 11th year anniversary this month, many fans of veracity are fond of recalling the pre-Murdoch ‘good ol‘ days when the Republican Party and right wing idealogues did not have their own highly rated 24 hour cable propaganda device. But here to lighten that remorseful load comes this little tidbit from CNBC’s Kudlow and Company’s (NBC’s financial cable channel affiliate) post-Republican debate special this evening.

Host Larry Kudlow asked the slippery Rudy Giuliani what he thought of Hillary Clinton’s recent proposal to jump start savings accounts for all US citizens at birth. Giuliani assailed it as being a virtual copy of a proposal in George McGovern’s 1972 proposal, with a nod from Kudlow who moved on with a smile and the next softball.

The thing is that Giuliani voted for McGovern, as documented here, here, and here and virtually every media stream that does not have a corporate parent. Fox, with its Sith Lord pedigree is an easy target. But don’t forget that NBC’s corporate parent, GE, is one of the US government’s most reliable arms contractors.

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