This Poor Kid

Posted on December 11, 2008


The next time you want to get mad at the millions of racist Anglo-Americans, take a look at this video of the now semi-famous child [and father] who was expelled for wearing a home-made “Obama is a Terrorist” t-shirt:

Between his own bigoted father, and the “good guy” Sean Hannity who enables the father’s absurd characterization of anyone who disagrees with him as a “pansy”, this poor child never had a chance. The kid’s explanation of why he Obama is a “terrorist, indicates he has no grasp of the issues involved. He has simply been told that he is, apparently by his own father. His father, in turn, is probably one of millions who came to believe this particularly absurd and racist lie due to the charming propaganda of Sean Hannity and his ilk.  Ironically, Hannity’s remarks indicate that he has little idea of the specifics of the incident with the school.

Note the exquisite portrait of the cycle of ignorance. Hannity and his racist cohorts have convinced the ignorant that Obama is a terrorist. The man’s son believes his father, the way the father believes Hannity. And Hannity, who actually knows nothing of the incident at the school, simply using the sad and ignorant pair for his own ends.

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