The Frontline Against Terrorism; just not a solid line.

Posted on June 4, 2009


Another astute observation by Rachel Maddow, who asks:  just how did Abdul Hakim Mohammed, the man who stands accused of murdering two soldiers in Arkansas, amass his troubling cache of weapons while under investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force? The Task Force, as Maddow notes, is billed as the nation’s “frontline” against terrorism. As I noted in an earlier post, in reference to the busting of a fictional plot put together by an FBI informant in New York:

These perfectly formed and foiled terrorist plots have become an effective beard for the homefront of the war on terror; not only maintaining the illusion that there is an ubiquitous and active threat to the US, but more importantly presenting the FBI as infallibly prescient and omnipotent in rooting out domestic terror. Be afraid, but don’t question us–we’re the only thing standing between you and the terrorists!

This presents us with what may be the underlying motive for the FBI’s obsessive need to create stings that net petty criminals pretending to be terrorists. It is just not equipped,  nor is it capable of netting actors intent on doing such things. That may be less an organizational issue for the FBI, than the reality that in a nation of 290 million people, anyone motivated by ideology at any time can kill many people; given the ease with which destructive weapons are available to Americans, they can do so easily. That is a reality that our politicians do not want us to acknowledge. They can’t keep us safe from terror, nor do they want us to face the only real way toward a more secure nation–which is to minimize our economic and political profile in the world. This shit isn’t happening in Switzerland, you know.

Its an interesting segment, worth watching. However, I can’t figure out how to post MSNBC clips here, so don’t use the video window here, but follow the link below it.

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