Joe Klein, A Spineless Weather Vane

Posted on July 26, 2010


Which is good news. Today, in his blog, Swampland, Klein—who never met an idea, ideal, philosophy or fact that he couldn’t jettison from his lobes with glee for personal gain—has this to say about the Afghanistan Leak:

The Wikileaks intelligence dump–more than 90,000 secret intelligence documents detailing the frustrations of the war in Afghanistan–has elements of both the Tet Offensive and the Pentagon Papers. But it seems more like Tet to me: the overall impact of this event is likely to make clear to a public, which has not been paying much attention, how futile the situation in Afghanistan is–and how utterly duplicitous our Pakistani “ally” has been.

Forget the weird and inappropriate Tet Offensive analogy…if Klein is saying this, given his frantic attempt to assume the post of White House Public Relations Director of the Wikileaks Afghanistan-Leak, in the last 48 hours, it may be because he’s floating a balloon for a coming policy shift in the Obama administration.

Yesterday, Klein claimed the leaks were old news, while ignoring the staggering accounts of the standard operating procedures which have resulted in thousands of civilian Afghan deaths since the occupation began.  He also reprinted the entire text of the Obama damage control press release, literally acting as a press agent for the White House. While that’s all awful reporting, today’s position does give some hope that the leaks can serve a similar role as the Pentagon Papers did for Vietnam, providing an engine of dissent among the mainstream public, or at least the fear of one, and a consequent reaction by the administration motivated by sheer self-preservation.

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