Predictably Depressing Coverage of Wikileaks on MorningJoe

Posted on July 26, 2010


It’s not surprising, but it is aggravating. Hair-model Mika Brzezinksi, introduces the story, conveniently disregarding the focus that most humans with functioning limbic systems have zeroed in on; the increasing disregard for human life by our military in Afghanistan.

Brzezinksi completely ignores the details in the report regarding the unconscionable killings of Afghan civilians by US and NATO soldiers. Here is Brzezinksi’s breakdown of the leak’s most important content:

…let me first lay the groundwork for this story. …the documents span from 2004 to january of this year, and paint a bleak picture of the situation on the ground in afghanistan. Now, among the most shocking findings,

–>the paper reveal pakistan may be working against the u.s. effort allowing representatives of its spy service to meet directly with the taliban in secret strategy sessions to organization networks of militant groups that fight against american soldiers in afghanistan an even hatch plots to naet af assassinate afghan leaders.

–>they are used heat seeking missiles to shoot down u.s. helicopters and u.s. forces actually covered up 2007 helicopter attack claiming that taliban members brought down the coalition helicopter with conventional weaponry when, instead, they used a missile.

–>also the documents reveal a top secret group of american forces, especially tasked with hunting down top taliban leaders and either killing or capturing them on the spot without a trial.

–>the obama administration has apparently increased the missions, despite some killings of civilians. also in these documents, nato troops are relying on remote-controlled predator drones more heavily. we did know some of this. howevers the performance of the drone aircraft is less than portrayed. some crash and collide and forcing american troops to undertake risky retrieval missions.

–>some of the documents detail the disappearance of money meant for humanitarian aid such as the case of an orphanage that had no orphans at the site a full year after its opening.

—>civilian death tolls are rising consistently with the taliban conducting a successful roadside bombing campaign. one document cited 2,000 civilian deaths from roadside car bombs alone. that’s just a small portion of what these documents reveal.

It’s true, of course that the leak features many revelations. But these are most damning because they show a consistent effort to hide the true costs and impact of the war from the US public; media such as MSNBC have been complicit in helping the White House do so.

Moreover, the rising toll of civilian deaths from US forces is  never even mentioned, nor discussed with the panel; one can safely say that there is a black out at MSNBC on discussing US caused casualties.

Instead of focusing on either of these issues—the lengths of US dishonesty on Afghanistan, and the mounting human cost of our operations there—most of the back and forth focuses on the horrible waste of our investment in Pakistan. This is the one thing, however, that has been discussed ad nauseum for the past three or so years with absolutely no steps forward in any case.

Again, as has become the refrain from the mainstream media, the report is portrayed as nothing new to the grizzled veterans of permissable discourse. The new evidence that American troops are increasingly devaluing Afghan life, with horrifying outcomes for both America’s security and the people of Afghanistan, is not even cause for a blurb or a dissatisfied aside. Joe phones in his boilerplate “everyman” rage, literally; comb-over enthusiast and soulless hack, Buchanan, chastises our President for putting our all volunteer Army in harm’s way, even though most of them seemed to have joined knowing they would go to Afghanistan and Iraq, our wars of the past eight or so years; sober MSNBC news analyst/life-model-decoy, Mark Helperin, interjects “this is nothing new” every two and half minutes.

Unfortunately, he’s right. This is nothing new at MSNBC.

You can see the full trancript and see the video here.

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