Glenn Beck’s Militia Day

Posted on August 28, 2010


Among the many sub-human commenters who pounced on “Muslim Family Day”, the annual event, held since 2000  at Six Flags, and sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA),  was the totally fair-minded Glenn Beck. Here’s a sample of the kind of unique logic that Beck brings to such issues:

“I can’t imagine being a Muslim and saying honey, let’s get into the car…I think it would be in poor taste….it’s in poor taste, it’s the day after the anniversary of 9-11”

Yes, after all, any “normal muslim” would realize that normal non-Muslims would be horribly offended by their presence ANYWHERE on not only September 11, but also on September 12, and perhaps other undisclosed dates in mid-September.

Indeed, Glenn Beck, what fantastic powers of reasoning! Because tomorrow, an almost entirely white assemblage of “Tea Partiers”, will gather at the Lincoln Memorial–the same date and place where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his great “I Have a Dream Speech”. Given that “normal” white people probably didn’t support King’s white murderer(s)—who claimed the act on behalf of all white people—it still seems incumbent on “normal white people” to abstain from gathering there on that particular date and in that place. And yet, there they are, rubbing it in every black person’s face!

What kind of offensive a-hole would subject black people to that? What kind of insensitive clod would gather white people into large groups ANYWHERE on that day, or any other day in the month of August and/or several other undisclosed dates and places? Who? That man’s name is Glenn Beck. Yeah, it surprised me, too.