Oppose Bigotry in Honor of the 9-11 Families

Posted on September 12, 2010


I felt fortunate to find this photo from ABC in my news dump today, with a tiny blurb about a candle light vigil in support of the Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan, aka, the Ground Zero Mosque:

Gloria Michelle Ferrer, who lost her sister Celeste Torres-Victoria during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center bows her head in prayer during a candle light vigil in support of the proposed Islamic cultural center two blocks from the World Trade Center site, Friday, Sept. 10, 2010 in New York.

I worked with Celeste for three years at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, training and facilitating would-be cable access producers. I can’t imagine that she would ever find it in her heart to promote the kind of absurd hatred at the core of the antagonism towards the mosque, and I’m glad to see members of her family actively fighting those who would. Certainly, the people who suffered on 9-11, their families and friends were all different kinds of folks. I tend to think that in general 9-11 didn’t change who they were at their core.

That’s a message to all the people who camouflage their bigotry toward Islam with the false-respect for the families of the 9-11 victims.  Try another tack, it’s just not working.

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