The Tough Questions

Posted on December 20, 2010


The New York Times labors over some of the tough questions currently facing military CO’s:

You are a commander of a ship, and one of your top-performing officers, who is known to be a lesbian, is at war with her roommate to the point that it is disrupting the entire unit. The officer asks you for new berthing. What do you do?

You are the senior officer at a busy military recruiting station, and your best recruiter has just told you that his religious beliefs prevent him from processing an outstanding applicant who volunteers that he is gay. What do you do?

In the case of bathrooms and bathing facilities, the plan says that “commanders have the authority to accommodate privacy requests on an individualized, case-by-case basis, in the interest of maintaining morale, good order and discipline, consistent with performance of mission.”


In the case at the shopping mall, the plan says that if the kissing and hugging “crosses acceptable boundaries” of standards of conduct for the commander’s unit, “an appropriate correction should be made.” The plan notes that “public displays of affection are orientation-neutral” and that the standards should apply equally to gay and straight service members.

This must be a welcome break from wondering whether to a)cry/drink yourself to sleep at night or b)go on an amphetamine-fueled mass murdering rampage after having ordered your troops to bomb wedding parties and massacre panicked families at checkpoints.

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