What Happens When You Devote Your Economy and Society to Endless Warfare 2: The Fallout

Posted on January 5, 2011


I wrote previously about how the disastrously underfunded and underresourced Israeli fire service has been widely blamed for the unnecessary deaths caused by the Carmel fire a few weeks ago. Though the catastrophic problems were identified years ago because of another disastrous fire response, subsequent Israeli governments did nothing to fund their fire response to the levels that significant fire risks would seem to necessitate. Rather than purchase a squadron of fire fighting planes, and the expertise and infrastructure to use them, one Prime Minister after another has chosen, instead, to continue its self-defeating military build up.

Today we can see that there are real consequences to that strategy. Prime Minister Netanyahu today, was heckled by the families of the fire victims for the embarrassing response (one so poor, that 2nd world country, Greece, had to step in and lend a hand).

The husband of a policewoman who died in the fire told Mr Netanyahu as he was about to speak: “[Mr Yishai] is the minister responsible, according to all the reports of the state comptroller he never lifted a finger, and this disaster happened because of him.

“I am asking you to take him out of the ceremony… either you take him out or else I will leave.”

Others shouted that Mr Netanyahu should be held responsible and called for him to resign.

Mr Netanyahu’s speech was held up for several minutes as Mr Yishai left the hall under escort.

Rather than a photo-op, he was handed his head. That’s how to run your country into the ground, and that’s how to reap what you sow.

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