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Posted on January 21, 2011


A Hate-Mongering, Anti-Palestinian, Racist, Totally Upside Down Poster Now at Downtown Berkeley Bart

What can I say that hasn’t been said a thousand times since I took my first step on this earth. No matter that the Palestinian death toll exceeds that of the Israeli one by a factor of nearly ten; no matter that Israel invaded Palestine just two years ago, murdering nearly a thousand men, women and children; they still get away with this disgusting, ahistorical, just plain deceitful and completely asinine bullshit! AAGHHHHHGH…. how can I even write anything about something so freakin stupid!

Okay here’s something else. When I first met the two people who would go on to become the main founders of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement in Ramallah many years ago, they had just quit this organization or one just like it, which was dedicated, ostensibly, to bringing Palestinian and Israeli children together for summer camps and blah, blah, blah. They had quit in disgust. That’s because anyone who has ever seen the way Palestinians live compared to the way Israelis live, who has ever watched Israeli soldiers brutally disrespect Palestinian children, their brothers and sisters, their uncles, aunts and parents, who has ever seen a martyr poster of a 12 year old boy hung in the town center, knows that nothing like this could possibly work. Its the equivalent of setting up summer camps for African American children to play with White children in the Jim Crow South, so that the African American children wouldn’t grow up to hate the White people marginalizing them, and most importantly, wouldn’t grow up to find the regime responsible for their predicament to be soulless, evil and untenable. The only problem is that every waking day of their lives is a real-life experience of antagonism, brutality, death, misery and stifled potential that no one or two weeks spent pleasantly running on grass can erase.

Israel, you can’t teach Palestinians to love the occupation! You’ve been trying to do it for nearly forty years, to half a dozen generations of Palestinian kids, and it’s never worked. You’d think someone would have politely mentioned it by now.

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