Posted on February 12, 2011


I’m not sure how to take the Anonymous group. I’m so far pleased at what they’ve done around Wikileaks. Then there’s their involvement in the complex of ripples that have spread out from Wikileaks. This week, there’s this bizarre and gross cluster of justice department and private security incest that they successfully outed. A security firm named HBGarry allegedly approached Bank of America, and also allegedly, via a referral from the Justice Department and Booz Allen, offered the BoA the heads of Anonymous, Wikileaks, and somewhat bizarrely, Glenn Greenwald on a platter. Well, Anonymous showed them how that’s done, by hijacking their website, and hacking and publishing their emails, and handing them their ass back in a mixing bowl.  Read Glenn Greenwald’s take here:

For souvenir purposes, here’s a screenshot of the webpage, post-Anonymous hack (h/t Salon Commenter Eris23):

Click and magnify. As I said, there are some things about Anonymous that make me uneasy, not the least of which is their pretty limited political philosophy-screw with us or something we like, and we’ll screw you. But it could be worse, and it works for now. Also that logo is the bomb.

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