It’s not collateral damage if it happens to people who matter

Posted on April 24, 2011


What happens when “real people”, like Israelis and Americans, get caught in the crossfire, or are killed in an “escalation of force incident” at a checkpoint by a panicked or psychotic soldier? When it happens to Afghans, Iraqis or Palestinians, it’s collateral damage. Untold thousands–perhaps tens of thousands–of them have already died in such incidents, with little investigation and a flaccid shrug of war machine shoulders. Hey, it’s the cost of doing business, right?

But when it happens to an armed Israeli militia-man? Stop the presses:

According to an IDF initial investigation, three vehicles containing Breslev worshipers entered the tomb in violation of a decree by the IDF’s Central Command prohibiting entry of Israelis into Area A without prior coordination. A verbal confrontation ensued between the worshipers and the Palestinian policemen, who called on them to leave the area. The Breslev vehicles failed to stop at a checkpoint outside of the religious site, the investigation found. The policemen then fired shots in the air. The worshipers tried to flee the area, and their vehicles came under fire, killing Livnat, 24, father of four, and wounding four others.

Livnat will most likely be remembered as a political football launched into the air by his cynical aunt, the ever important Minister of Culture and Sports, Limor Livnat. Livnat wasted not one moment politicizing her nephew’s death. Although she lives in a regime where the similar deaths of unarmed Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints is a common occurrence, Livnat called the death “cold blooded murder” and the PA security officer, a “terrorist disguised as a policeman.”  at her relative’s wake.

We’ll see how the American media, and Congressional Propaganda Devices react.