May First and Immigrant Solidarity March in SF

Posted on May 1, 2011


While these things can often be like parades, it was nice to see the solidarity and connection between the immigration issue and labor, even if there’s been very little articulation as of yet as to how they connect, and how groups can build effective coalitions. Without a total legalization campaign, there’s not really a good way to build solidarity between immigrant groups and labor groups. Whenever there’s some kind of legal restriction on a group of people or social sanction, that group will always be used as a wedge against the next less marginalized group in terms of labor. That’s just the way things have worked out for the last hundred or so years.  The odds of any kind of rational immigration policy occurring soon seems dim at best, especially with the corruption and subsequent abandonment of the DREAM act by Democrats. It’s a start, at least, to address the issue of immigration and labor as one that’s inextricably linked.

That message is one that tea-bagging idiots can’t seem to get through their skulls, as their pitiful hate rally of a half dozen at the Civic Center demonstrated. Their insistence on secure borders–an impossibility–and their inability to understand how capital’s reliance on immigration is a fundamental function of their economic system, not some aberration, assures that they’ll be impotently wailing about their vicimization on the sidelines until doomsday. Politicians will always be happy to issue pandering rhetoric, while doing nothing about the problem of borders or jobs. Come on now, people–I don’t care how racist you are, use your heads.


Many groups were represented at the march, from UniteHere, the ANSWER Coalition, the Grey Panthers, and AAMEMSA.

I talked to someone from Code Pink, bringing up the tail end of the march from the Mission to Civic Center , who will be participating in their general strike and march to Sacramento. They’re off as I write this, via ferry, to start their 8 day march.  I’ll have some reports back from her along the way with any luck, over the next few days.

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