Goodbye Glenn Beck

Posted on July 1, 2011


I may be a little premature, but I’ve noticed a definite dip in the morbid interest that catapulted Glenn Beck to a humorously undeserved position of national prominence. With the cancellation of his show, perhaps he’ll now disappear into the AM muck, along with such bigoted, dissonant nobodies as Neil Bortz–lounge acts of hatred, soon to be forgotten, even by their fans, five minutes after their casket hits bottom. With that in mind, I excerpt something I wrote some time ago, about Beck:

One final note about Beck, a figure I hope to soon find myself thinking about with  a “whatever happened to…” preface. Think of me, Glenn Beck, as the ghost of Christmas future, here is your visitation:

As many may or may not know, Downey Jr. died penniless and despised, and nearly forgotten; that is he would have died forgotten, if he hadn’t crashed back into headlines by writing a backwards swastika on his forehead with a sharpie in a men’s restroom and hysterically claiming that he’d been attacked by Neo-Nazis. A few years later, he died of cancer.

Downey expressed a great deal of remorse for what he had done to the public discourse before he died. But everyone who remembers him,  still remembers him as a total dick. It’s not too late: Glenn Beck, shut up, move to the hills and never speak in public again, and you may be lucky enough to be completely forgotten, rather than recalled as the total douche you are.