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Posted on February 17, 2012


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I grew up within two very beautiful, but guilt-ridden cultures, so its always difficult to ask for support for my blog. It seems the height of arrogance and privilege to ask for money for something that, as arduous as its been, is also something I love doing.

When I started my first kickstarter, I was too ashamed to post it myself, or refer to it in anyway. It was pointed out to me by others that I wasn’t asking for the money for myself, but to continue this work, which has informed and spurred on many in support and action in Occupy. The most concrete product of this work is the audio archive I maintain on my site, which remains the only unbroken record of the GA from mid November to the current day. The rest is in the coverage and social media record that I’ve been doing that captures a three dimensional picture of the Occupy Oakland movement’s trajectory, and the analysis that being involved at this level allows. More importantly, media–even alt media–is spurred by spectacle and novelty. This means that while the flash-bang gets covered well, the human interactions, and daily and weekly struggles and the face of the movement at any given time are lost, and forgotten to history.

I work part-time. The more funds I receive in donations, the more time I can spend with Occupy doing this.

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