Consider Donating to Hyphenated Republic

Posted on March 26, 2012


I began this blog eight years ago as a response to my feelings of powerlessness over the duopoly that controls our country. Throughout that time, I was constantly depressed that most of my political activity had become electronically based, because of the lack of a viable mass movement in the US. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to use my blog to report on, publicize and illustrate a nascent awakening in the US, first through the labor and housing coalitions that began sprouting up throughout bay area and the US and then through the Occupy movement which exploded in Oakland perhaps to a louder degree than elsewhere in our country. Its been a privilege to document this movement, and I think its important to keep doing it; to that end, I’d also like to do more investigative reporting and focused stories on the repression from our local justice system inordinately targeted at the poor, non-white, and of course, activists who point out the failings of local government. This kind of reporting takes time and attention to detail, however, so if you want to see more reporting like my article on the Alameda County District Attorney’s Hate Crimes vendetta on Occupy Oakland activists, please consider making a donation to my wepay account.

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