A Note on the Death of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly Audio Archive: Its your fault Occupy Oakland.

Posted on May 25, 2012


For over five months, I attended every Occupy Oakland General Assembly, made an audio recording of the proceedings, and uploaded them on to an open source archive with links on my General Assembly Audio page. As time went on, however, I became lazier about uploading the recordings, as it takes about two hours from device to website to do so. This resulted in a prodigious backlog of at least a month of GA’s beginning in February. As a result, although I have recordings going up until April, they remain on my hard drive and not in the archive. Later, I simply gave up making the recordings altogether. Its become a tradition in Occupy Oakland bloggery to blame someone or something when you get tired of making certain efforts, and so I’ll do my best to observe that here: the hit count on the archive was quite low, and I was never sure if people were making use for it. And another thing, someone would invariably kick my recording device over at some point in the GA, shutting it off and forcing me to feverishly get it working again before missing something of historic value. So in one sense, its the fault of the Occupy Oakland community, their apathy towards recordings of obvious historical value and their failure to watch where they’re stepping. So much for the butthurt portion of this update.

Now on to more legitimate reasons. My initial intent was to make the recordings available to posterity, and they’ll still mostly be for the amount of time that the first phase of the Occupy movement has been most influential. Be it fortunate or unfortunate, OO became unable to sustain quorum for GAs around this same time, so the actual number of GA’s I’ve missed has been negligible–about three, I think. I may start up this practice again at some point. But I hope that people can still make use of the archive as it is until such time.

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