Archive of My Occupy Oakland Writing

Posted on January 16, 2013


When I became immersed in writing and reporting about Occupy Oakland, I told myself that I would give myself 3 months of full throttle involvement, to really carve out a detailed and granular narrative of what I was seeing. Given the sacrifices in health and finance that I was making for those three months, I couldn’t imagine being able to go on for much longer. But the 3 became 6, and then 9, and then by that time, there was no reason  not to double down and see it to the end.

I’d like to feel I learned a lot over that period, and that the organizing and strategic skills that I picked up went into making Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez a successful initial action, and an enduring community presence that’s activated only a fraction of its potential. I spend a lot of my time there, and in the interregnum of political energy we’re currently experiencing, don’t really feel like any new writing would be very useful to anyone at this juncture. I may feel differently soon; I’ve been writing this blog for almost ten years now, after all.

The archive, Occupy Oakland Essays and Reporting at is linked in the top menu of this blog. It also has a link to the archive of GA recordings.

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