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A Scandal by Any Other Name

June 22, 2016


Since evidence first surfaced that Oakland police officers engaged in statutory rape and prostitution with a minor, many police activists have understandably celebrated the daily hail of resignations and the fluid chain of failed replacement and interim police chiefs, as one “scandal” after another fells the pretenders—first Chief Sean Whent, then Fairow, then Figueroa. This is all […]

A Pointless Article About Bernie Sanders

March 27, 2016


I’ll start by admitting this article is pointless. By this stage in the primary season, people who are backing Sanders will back him no matter what emerges about his past, his record, what current awful statements he makes, who he allies himself with.   This all started out innocently enough. People despise Hillary Clinton, and […]

Engagement not Displacement: a story about Public Places

January 30, 2016


The standing room-only crowd at a recent community meeting to discuss the fate of St. Andrews Plaza on San Pablo Avenue, in Oakland, waited patiently as City Council Person Lynette Gibson Mcilheny and her accomplices outlined an unusual redevelopment plan. St. Andrews is a small parklet, literally a concrete container for a few trees on a […]

There Can be Only One: Sharp Elbows in Creed and Jessica Jones

December 13, 2015


  Halfway through Creed, the film’s protagonist, Donny, has his last significant exchange with another Black man. Fraught from the start with emasculating antagonism emanating from local rap star Tone Trump, the verbal exchange quickly escalates to violence. The interaction is notable only because Creed’s antagonist gets more lines and screen time than most of […]

A Calculus for Grief Equity

November 15, 2015


Last year, around this time, the 2014 death toll in South Sudan’s civil war hit, by some estimates, 10,000. Though Sudan had been in the news for decades when the US evinced very little interest in colonial enterprises in Africa, the name disappeared off the world’s radar once the US and Western nations, against the […]

While You Were Sleeping…

June 3, 2015


The Oakland City Council posted a packed agenda for last night’s meeting. Several issues with an already demonstrated huge degree of public interest, advocacy and participation jammed the roll—among them, a resolution to accept federal money to clear trees from the Oakland hills, the DAC policies community activists had helped the city craft, and a […]

Searching for the Black Ghandi with Nicholas Kristof

May 1, 2015


Several crucial media and social media moments converged in the past week of the Baltimore Uprising that illuminate the American establishment’s obsession with worthy victims of color. The viral “Riot Mom”  clip produced dozens of headlines to quench the thirst of racist palettes already whetted with stereotypes of fatherless, wilding black teens. The memes and […]