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You, Me and a Thousand Strangers: Popular Mass Direct Action in Oakland after Ferguson

December 30, 2014


Over the years, especially in Oakland, critical periods of political resistance have taken on a pretty predictable character, with radicals, liberals, progressives, media and politicians all playing what seem to be ever more concretized roles. Protests are ignored until something is broken or a trashcan set alight, liberals cry over the shards and ash, politicians […]

The City Attorney’s NEO Power Grab: Amendments to the City’s Nuisance Eviction Ordinance Allow the City Attorney to Evict Almost Anyone at Anytime for Anything

November 8, 2014


The Oakland city council ignited a virtual social media firestorm recently,  when it voted to amend a standing nuisance eviction ordinance to, in part, include sex work to the list of “criminal nuisance” acts that could trigger a city-ordered “nuisance eviction”. The meme that city lawmakers now intend to target, evict and harass sex-workers spread […]

Why I Block the Boat

October 23, 2014


In August, a broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals achieved a historic direct-action BDS victory against Israeli apartheid. For four days, pickets organized and inspired by the AROC-led Block the Boat coalition kept an Israeli-state controlled ship from offloading cargo. The action was as dramatic as anyone could imagine, with the ship at one point […]

A Brief History of Block the Boat, Oakland: Organization, Planning, Autonomy, Spontaneity Combine for a Spectacular Direct Action at the Port

August 28, 2014


In August, 2014, an ad hoc coalition and ever-changing group of autonomous activists prevented the Zim Piraeus from offloading for four days and caused subsequent entanglements that prevented the vast majority of its cargo from touching dry Oakland land. Much has already been said about the relationship between labor and the BTB coaltion that was necessary for such a monumental […]

The Shortest Distance between Palestine and Ferguson

August 14, 2014


The superficially coincidental images coming from both Gaza and Ferguson this month have created some surprising and sudden currents of solidarity. Many have looked on with amazement, for example, as Gazans offer tips via twitter to those who have been involved in the uprising and faced the absurd and excessively militarized response to it by Ferguson […]

California Set to Give a New Extra-Judicial Eviction Tool to Oakland, Updated with Letter from City Attorney Urging New Eviction Powers

April 29, 2014


While several patches to Oakland and San Francisco’s tenant rent laws have made the news over the past weeks—notably, the flawed and insufficient Capital Improvements modifying legislation in Oakland, and increases in minimums of Ellis Act Eviction buy outs in San Francisco—there has been more than one potentially catastrophic piece of extra-judicial anti-tenant legislation inching […]

Saving Our Funky Shops and Flamboyant Political Theaters

February 5, 2014


A recent New York Times piece on Google Bus and Anti-Google actions in the SF Bay Area holds some unlikely insights for those seeking to fight gentrification in San Francisco and Oakland. “Demonstrators regularly block the shuttles. Last week, a group of activists stalked a Google engineer at his East Bay house, urging the masses […]


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